It's our first time coming to Ottawa! The WSC Ontario - Ottawa Forum will be the perfect opportunity for you to hear from and interact with brands and properties within the sponsorship industry.

This will present an excellent opportunity to explore what advice and strategies others are employing in managing or executing their sponsorship programs post COVID-19.

Our schedule will be released shortly...please stay tuned!



President & CEO – Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists®

In the past 30 years Brent has worked directly or indirectly with many Canadian brands, corporations, small and medium businesses as well as municipalities, sport and recreation departments, charities, non profits, professional and amateur sports teams, to develop, audit, enhance, design, and build effective sponsorship marketing programs for them. 

Brent is also the author of’s #1 Best seller in the Nonprofit Marketing and communications category; Reality Check – Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing. Brent is a regular speaker at conferences and conventions as well as a TEDx presenter on “Busting the Work-Life Balance Myth”.

Brent lives with his wife and daughter in Nanaimo BC.


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